EARTH Thailand

Trading Away Health and the Environment: The Toxic Business of Waste Imports into Thailand

 July 2023 (2nd Edition: Updated from June 2019 version)

Co-Authors: Tanya Lee Roberts-Davis, Penchom Saetang & Punyathorn Jeungsmarn
Supporting data: Dawan Chantarahesdee, Autthaporn Ritthichat, Tawatpong Arj-eam, Akarapon Teebthaisong


Trading Away Health and the Environment provides an overview of the devastating impacts on the health and well-being of communities in Thailand where industrial waste processing facilities are being developed as part of an ongoing expansion of the transnational business of plastic and used electronics waste and scraps.


The first edition of this report was published in 2019 by Ecological Alert and Recovery – Thailand (EARTH) in the lead up to the 34th ASEAN Summit (2019) being held in Thailand under the banner “Advancing Partnership for Sustainability”. This version, written in July 2023, provides updates on the waste import situation and regulation in Thailand, which has developed significantly since 2019. It also provides brief updates on the cases of communities affected by waste import where appropriate.