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Fast-track law on pollution

EDITORIAL, Bangkok Post 16 February 2024 


On Wednesday, environmental groups submitted a draft of the Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) law to parliament. This is not the first time the groups -- comprised of EnLAW, Ecological Alert and Recovery-Thailand and Greenpeace Thailand -- have been trying to push this crucial piece of legislation into law.


Over 12,000 signatures urge PM Thavisin to make Thai PRTR Law a reality

Bangkok | 14 February 2024 

Thai civil society led by the Environmental Law Foundation, Ecological Alert and Recovery, and Greenpeach Thailand submitted 12,165 signatures to lobby for the Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) law. Gathering in front of the Parliament House, representatives held a jigsaw banner with a message "A healthy environment requires PRTR" urging Prime Minister Srettha Thavisinto table the proposed PRTR law to the House of Representatives meeting.


Activists call for PFAS chemicals ban

Bangkok Post  8 February 2024 | APINYA WIPATAYOTIN


Activists have called on the government to ban Per-and Polyfluorinated Substances (PFAS), hazardous chemicals in the textile industry and other commodities, saying it would raise awareness among consumers who need green products for their health and the environment.


Step towards cleaner air

Bangkok Post 01 September 2023

The Administrative Court on Wednesday ordered the Ministry of Industry to release data on PM2.5 air pollutants from the nation’s factories by the end of October. The verdict is good news for civic and and environmental groups concerned about PM2.5 who have campaigned for the government to publicly release data on factory pollution from the Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR). 


Administrative Court Instructs Industry Ministry to Register and Report on PM2.5 Releases from Factories

Bangkok Tribune 29 August 2023 

The Central Administrative Court today has ruled in favour of anti-pollution campaigners including EARTH, EnLaw, and Greenpeace, who filed the case against authorities in charge of the matter last year for failing to protect people from PM2.5 hazards despite having the national agenda to address the problem. They include the National Environment Board, the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry, and the Industry Ministry.


Empowered Locals and Improved Access to Information: Citizen Science Facing Down Toxic Pollution in Thailand

PRESS RELEASE 31 July 2023

BANGKOK/PRAGUE - Over the past four years, non-governmental organizations - EARTH (Thailand) and the Arnika Association (Czechia) - formed a powerful alliance with local communities and citizen scientists to tackle toxic pollution in Thailand.


Thailand Ratifies Global Agreement to End Toxic Waste Trade to Developing Countries

Thailand Called On to Also Ban Imports of Other Problematic Wastes and to Improve Enforcement

PRESS RELEASE | 07 June 2023 - Today, Thailand [joins 102 other countries] in their ratification of the Ban Amendment to the Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Waste and their Disposal. 


World Environmental Day: NGOs Launch Toxic Hot Spots Application to Enhance Public Right-to-Know

05 June 2023 
On the occasion of the World Environment Day, a new web application is set to be launched in Thailand, aiming to raise awareness about the pollution caused by industrial activities in certain locations within the country. 

Australia quietly reopens plastic waste exports while, UNEP “Turns on the Tap” for burning plastic waste in cement kilns

Policy desperation on the eve of Plastic Treaty negotiations

(20 May 2023) On the eve of the new global Plastics Treaty negotiations in Paris, the Australian Environment Minister has decided to reopen plastic waste exports, after a five-year ban introduced by the previous federal government.


EARTH-ENLAW-Greenpeace Thailand called for accountability and transparency over missing Cesium-137 from Prachin Buri power plant

21 March 2023

Environmental NGOs EARTH, ENLAWTHAI Foundation, and Greenpeace Thailand, released a press statement calling for accountability and transparency from government agencies, after the radioactive material “Cesium-137” went missing from a power plant in Si Maha Phot district, Prachin Buri province.