EARTH Thailand

"We Fight to Protect Our Home:” Reprisals Against Environmental Defenders in Loei Province, Thailand

A report by Fortify Rights, October 2018

This report reveals that Thai authorities and Tungkum Ltd. committed and contributed to serious human rights violations and abuses against members of KRBKG and environmental defenders in Wang Sa Phung District, Loei Province. Violations and abuses include the arbitrary detention of human rights defenders and violations of the rights to freedom of expression, peaceful assembly, a healthy environment.

In addition to the May 2014 attack, this report documents threats and intimidation, including death threats, against KRBKG members and other environmental defenders in Loei Province. Following protests organized by KRBKG, Thai military officers summoned KRBKG members for “attitude adjustment,” which in some cases involved the authorities arbitrarily detaining and interrogating members of the community in unofficial location.

Local residents in affected communities surrounding the gold  mine largely rely on farming and the natural environment for their livelihoods and sustenance. Water and soil pollution has adversely impacted their daily lives and livelihoods. Residents have also complained about health conditions that are consistent with cyanide, mercury, and arsenic  poisoning.  Government  tests  conducted  in  2007,  2014,  and  2015  revealed  that some residents had high levels of cyanide, mercury, and arsenic in their blood. These elements are commonly used in gold-mining processes.

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