EARTH Thailand

Industrial Pollution Impact and the PRTR Development in Thailand

By Penchom Saetang, Walaiporn Mooksuwan, Ecological Alert and Recovery – Thailand (EARTH), 29 May 2011

Explosion of the Bangkok Port’s Chemical Warehouse in March 1991: a starting point of the public demand for the right to know about the chemical information. Around 650 houses burnt down with over 5,000 slum residents, fire fighters and concerned people exposed to the toxic chemical fumes, 4 sudden death and over 100 victims proved to have chronic illness and serious health impact caused by the unknown chemical substances. The case finally was settled in 2002 with additional compensation of 100,000 THB per person to 105 victims and victory in the following years of 3 lawsuits filed against the Port Authority of Thailand by 3 victims. The incident has important impact in Thailand’ environmental-related law reform. 


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