EARTH Thailand

A Burning Question: Access to Environmental Information in Thailand

Report of the Thai Right to Know Project, September 2004
Author: Aaron P. Grieser

TRTK Team: Campaign for Alternative Industry Network (CAIN): Penchom Saetang / Walaiporn Mooksuwan / Dolruedee Kramnaimuang
                    Greenpeace Southeast Asia: Tara Buakamsri
                    EnLAW: Surachai Trong-ngam

Supported by Heinrich Böll Foundation


- Preliminary Assessment of PRTR in Thailand

- International Aspects of PRTR: Summary Report on International Best Practice with PRTR / Examples of PRTR Systems in Other Countries; US, Japan, Maxico /International Programs for PRTR Development / UN ECE PRTR Protocol Report /Stockholm Convention Report / Report on PRTR in Free Trade Agreements 

- Thailand’s PRTR Infrastructure Assessment: Legal Assessment / Legal Survey Outline / Administrative Assessment 

- PRTR Roundtable Report on a Framework for PRTR in Thailand   

- PRTR Policy Framework: Framework for a PRTR Policy / Discussion of the PRTR Policy Framework / Framework for PRTR Goals / Framework for PRTR Chemical

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