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Illegal dumping of industrial waste still not removed after 7 months

EARTH Report 30 June 2022


EARTH followed up on illegal damping at Tha Kradan, Chachoengsao – industrial waste still not removed after 7 months, liquid waste already infiltrated soil


Seven months has passed since dark-colored liquid wastes of industrial origin were poured in an empty soil pit in the middle of a palm plantation in Ban Na Noi village, Tha Kradan Subdistrict, Phanom Sarakham District, Chachoengsao Province.


Today (June 30th, 2022), EARTH research and technical team came to the site to follow up on the clean-up efforts. EARTH found that none of liquid wastes have been removed for proper disposal. However, the level of wastes did reduce, because it has infiltrated the local soil. 


Phaisal Duangkaew, village chief of Ban Na Noi, who was targeted for bringing the illegal dumping to light, said that locals are still affected by foul chemical smell. “The people living here plant cassava and are afraid of being affected by these pollutants.


Chutimon Thowsakul, EARTH research and technical officer, said this is an extremely concerning case. “This area is a palm plantation, on sandy soil. This means the industrial waste will infiltrate quite quickly. Health and environmental agencies must monitor the situation.”


The regional environmental office 13 has collected samples from the site on May 30th, 2021. Results are pending.


Tha Kradan is the latest in the ongoing epidemic of waste dumping in Thailand. 



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