EARTH Thailand

Locals call on Ratchaburi governor to investigate factory fire - remove leftover hazardous wastes

Pollution-Free EARTH 17 June 2022

Locals of Nampu subdistrict Ratchaburi call on provincial governor to investigate cause and impact of the fire that broke out in Wax Garbage recycling factory on June 16th. Revealing that up to 34,625 industrial wastes are still left inside the factory, they also call on proper removal and disposal of those toxic substances.

For more than two decades, locals of Nampu subdistrict had long been impacted by pollution from Wax Garbage recycling factory. Fire had been common, with this latest one being the 6th large scale fire. Locals say this last fire had cause severe air pollution over a large area.

Locals further call attention to the 34,625 containers of hazardous industrial waste still left in the factory. As this could be cause for another fire, the Nampu people ask for immediate removal and proper disposal of these wastes. Additionally, relevant agencies must investigate the extent of damage to the environmental and local livelihood. Local’s health should be checked and monitored.


Photographs from locals of Nampu subdistrict.


SOURCE: หยุดภัยมลพิษ Pollution-Free EARTH