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EARTH calls for thorough investigation of Wax Garbage’s Fire

Pollution-Free EARTH 25 June 2022

The environmental NGO points to efforts to destroy leftover chemicals after incident as reasons to investigate fire’s true cause, audit government officials in Ministry of Industry. 

Penchom Saetang, director of EARTH, spoke on the issue in a recent interview with Pollution-Free EARTH (หยุดภัยมลพิษ Pollution-Free EARTH). “The recent fire at Wax Garbage’s recycling factory has raised many questions. The Minister of Industry had ordered officials to investigate the cause and impact of the fire, and to transport leftover chemicals to be properly disposed of within 15 days. But until now, there has been no explanation as to the cause of the fire. Meanwhile, suspicions are growing among the general public that this was a deliberate attempt to cheaply destroy large amount of industrial wastes that the company has to deal with.”

“Additionally, officials from the Department of Industrial Works (DIW) and the Ratchaburi Provincial Industry Office (Ratchaburi PIO) had failed to control the site of the fire. Entries to the site should have been restricted, to not damage evidence and to prevent further contamination from toxic chemicals. And yet, we have seen groups of people entering the area, dismantling buildings and destroying chemical containers, waste paints, and toxic wastes of other sorts.” This had been reported by the Channel 3 news team on June 24th, 2022. 

“These actions constitute attempts to destroy evidence. These actions likely occurred under consent from the Wax Garbage Recycling Companies, or were conducted by the company itself. This was an attempt to make use of the situation, to remove chemicals from chemicals, so that the containers can be sold. At the same time, it also means the chemicals would be left in the area, and could no longer be transported to proper disposal.

“The Minister of Industry should be well aware of the proper ways to deal with this situation. He should know that these actions undo the promises he made to the public and the press earlier last week. He should know that these wastes require proper disposal and should be controlled in accordance with the Hazardous Substance Act of 1992. It is time for the Minister to take responsibility by dealing with the official who did not perform their duties in controlling the impact of hazardous wastes.”

“Thus, EARTH calls for a full and thorough investigation so that the ministry can act transparently to the public. Additionally, transparency will ensure that all these toxic wastes will be properly disposed.”


Pollution-Free EARTH 25 June 2022