EARTH Thailand

End the Import of Plastic Waste by 2021, Thai CSOs Urge

EARTH REPORT 23 August 2021 

The network of 108 CSOs and environmental groups led by EARTH and the Saleng and Junk Shop Association submitted a letter to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment calling for an end to plastic waste imports by 2021.

The groups are opposing against the revisions to a plan to ban plastic waste imports by the Subcommittee on Plastic Waste and Electronic Waste Management, as the subcommittee reversed its resolution and postponed the plastic waste ban for another five years. In fact, the initial plan to end the import of plastic waste was originally set by September 2020.

Apart from 108 CSOs who endorsed to support an end of plastic waste imports, there are over 32,000 supporters signed on calling for a ban on plastic waste imports.



Sign the petition to end the import of plastic waste atคัดค้านนําเข้าเศษพลาสติก?fbclid=IwAR0U4Gml5L_MAlD0FfF-JTwH66-KFyHRIekGk5r-k9lBEO3AbD4dp0HROgM