EARTH Thailand

EEC protests continue

The Nation 05 August 2019

Thirty members of the Network of Eastern Friends led by Gunn Tattiyakul, an NGO activist and coordinator for the Padrew community for sustainable development, protested in front of Government House on Monday while the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) policy committee met inside. 

The network opposes current EEC development plans because they violate the Eastern Special Development Zone Act.

The group specifically cited a section stipulating, “The office and the relevant agency shall take into consideration the relationship with communities and the health and well-being of the people, environment and ecological system under the principle of sustainable development by means of creating true awareness among the local community and conducting a public hearing and consultation with the stakeholders.”

Gunn said the network had no cooperation with the government, and meanwhile, the development plan changed in violation of the EEC act’s regulations on the community’s role. 

No information was provided to the public and complaints filed over the council’s decisions were not announced, he said.