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Thailand set to be no longer world's e-waste dump site in two years

NNT 16 November 2018 | Tanakorn Sangiam  

Authorities are improving Thailand's electronic waste treatment system, tackling the issue of e-waste import in bid to be no longer the world's e-waste dump site in two years. 

Pollution Control Department's (PCD) Director-General Pralong Dumrongthai said the government has pushed forward the measures to control the import of electronic and plastic waste into the country, including used solar panels and radioactive items. 

He said respective authorities have been making progress, which is constantly reported to the general public, through transparency and strict legal enforcement to improve the practicality of e-waste and plastic waste treatment, with economic, social, and environmental aspects taken in account. 

The PCD chief said the authorities have been implementing appropriate measures to solve the problem, including the collection and recall of materials into a manageable treatment system. 

He said the current treatment system also create more jobs, and encourage the proper sorting of garbage which will not create pollution or affect the health of sorters and local communities. 

He added that the ultimate goal of such operations is for Thailand to be no longer the world's dumping ground of e-waste in the next two years.