EARTH Thailand

Mawlamyine residents protest against air pollution

Eleven 23 July 2018

Residents in Mawlamyine industrial zone in Mon State staged a protest on July 22 over the antimony refinery plants for emitting foul odor.

More than 300 residents of Mawlamyine industrial zone, surrounding wards and villages took part in the protest.

“The aims of holding this protest are to move this antimony refinery plant which produces foul odor and to let the president know about our sufferings. This plant is producing foul stench 24 hours and as a consequence, health of locals are deteriorating. The odor spread miles from the plant unlike other plants. The odor is terribly awful,” said Zaw Zaw Aung, participating in the protest.

“We submitted letters to Regional Chief Minister and Environmental Conservation Department concerning this plant. But, their reply is the plant produces no bad smell. We’ve submitted letters many times. In the previous Kayin State government, we’ve submitted a letter and they shut down the plant. Now during this civilian government, the plant is operating again. No matter how much we’ve submitted complaints, they ignore us,” said Min Zaw Naing Oo, one of the leaders of the protest.

Residents living near the antimony refinery plants claimed that they are suffering from coughs, dry mouth, and dizziness after inhaling the foul odor from the plants.

There are six antimony refinery plants in the Mawlamyine Industrial Zone and three plants have been allowed to run on a trial-basis since the end of 2017 after they submitted the environment management plan.