EARTH Thailand

Mae Moh activists want court speed up

The Nation 23 September 2011

The Stop Global Warming Association and people who claim to have been affected by the Mae Moh power plant yesterday called on the Supreme Administrative Court to transfer two pending cases to the court's environmentcase division.

 "We believe the cases will progress at a faster speed if the transfer takes place," Maliwan Nakwiroj said yesterday on behalf of the affected people.

She claimed the power plant had polluted the environment in Lampang's Mae Moh district.

The Central Administrative Court has already ruled in favour of the affected people but the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (Egat), which operated the Mae Moh power plant, appealed to the Supreme Administrative Court.

Due to the appeal, people adversely affected by the plant have not yet received any compensation. Moreover, Egat has now turned an area meant for reforestation into a golf course.

Accompanied by the association's president Srisuwan Janya, Maliwan showed up at the Supreme Administrative Court with more than 50 people.