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Department of Health warns Ratchaburi factory fire cause toxic chemical vapors

Pollution-Free EARTH 18 June 2022

An initial report by Department of Health on June 16th, 2022, warns that due to severe fire at Wax Garbage Recycling Factory in Ratchaburi province, local citizens may face severe air pollution from burning of chemicals, waste oil, and paint waste. These substances often include Benzene, Toluene, and Xylene, which if burned emit toxic gases such Sulfur Dioxide.


Locals call on Ratchaburi governor to investigate factory fire - remove leftover hazardous wastes

Pollution-Free EARTH 17 June 2022

Locals of Nampu subdistrict Ratchaburi call on provincial governor to investigate cause and impact of the fire that broke out in Wax Garbage recycling factory on June 16th. Revealing that up to 34,625 industrial wastes are still left inside the factory, they also call on proper removal and disposal of those toxic substances.


Delegates and Environmentalists Celebrate New Global Restrictions on e-Waste Trade


Geneva, Switzerland – After eight days of detailed and stressful negotiations this week and last, the Parties to the Basel Convention at their 15th meeting (COP15) held in Geneva agreed by consensus to the "Swiss-Ghana Amendments," establishing new definitions of hazardous and non-hazardous electronic waste, and ensured that both of these two categories of e-waste will either be banned from trade or at a minimum require notification by the exporting country and consent by the importing country prior to export.


Groups sue ministries over PM2.5 problems

Bangkok Post 22 March 2022 | APINYA WIPATAYOTIN

Environmental activist groups have filed a lawsuit with the Central Administrative Court against the National Environment Board (NEB) and two cabinet ministers for failing to deal with the country's pressing air pollution problems, saying every citizen has the right to breathe clean air.

The lawsuit was filed by representatives from Greenpeace Thailand, Environmental Law Foundation (EnLaw), Ecological Alert and Recovery-Thailand, Chiang Mai Breath Council, Northern Breath Council, the Rural Doctor Society and Climate Strike Thailand. 


CSOs and local groups file a lawsuit to demand government action against PM2.5 pollution

PRESS RELEASE 22 March 2022

Bangkok- Representatives from civil society organizations (CSOs) and environmental advocates today filed a lawsuit against three public departments, including the National Environment Board, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, and the Ministry of Industry for neglecting their mandate of protecting Thai citizens’ basic rights to clean air. [1] 


Transparency and public participation needed for waste-to-energy plant

EARTH REPORT 21 March 2022

EARTH calls for corporate transparency and citizens involvement at parliamentary hearing on Onnut waste-to-energy plant

Ecological Alert and Recovery – Thailand (EARTH) joined representatives of the Move Forward Party and citizens of Onnut-Prawet area in calling for corporate transparency and citizens involvement at a parliamentary hearing on pollution caused by the Onnut Garbage factory in southeastern Bangkok.


Samples of contaminated water collected at Prachinburi’s 304 Industrial Park

EARTH REPORT 08 March 2022

EARTH’s research and technical team collected samples of contaminated water after a pipe leak at Prachinburi’s 304 Industrial Park

Prachinburi: Research and technical officers from Thai NGO, Ecological Alert and Recovery – Thailand (EARTH), investigated the impact of a pipe leak at 304 Industrial Park, one of the largest industrial zones in eastern Thailand.


EARTH THAILAND: Banking on Citizen Science Towards Environmental Activism and Protection

February 2022 |Interview with Penchom Saetang by Sonia G. Astudillo and Dan Abril

GAIA sat down with Penchom to talk about EARTH’s project, plans, challenges, and successes. 


Renewed push to sort, recycle waste

Bangkok Post 21 February 2022 | PRATCH RUJIVANAROM and SUPOJ WANCHAROEN

City produces more than 8,000 tonnes of municipal waste per day

Penchom Saetang, director of Ecological Alert and Recovery-Thailand (EARTH) foundation, said wastewater is another big problem for Bangkok."With wastewater from chemicals we use in our daily lives accumulating, the ecosystem along the maritime routes will gradually deteriorate, affecting health and food chains." 


Korat governor shut down all chemical containers washing businesses in the province

21 February 2022 | Compiled by EARTH

Following the discovery of heavy metal contamination in the Isan Kiew canal, the Korat governor has ordered the shutdown of all chemical containers washing businesses in Sub Chumpol village, Sikhio District.