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Australia is still dumping waste in Asia

MEDIA RELEASE 9 August 2022 

Thailand’s Minister for the Environment has ordered the repatriation of 130 tonnes Australian waste, imported into the country as paper and cardboard but found to be highly contaminated with plastic wastes. The Minister has also ordered an investigation and potential legal proceedings. 


Legacy chemicals are contaminating eggs around the world

Environmental Health News 08 July 2022 | Ashley James

Researchers find PCBs and dioxins in nearly 90% of eggs near contaminated sites in developing nations. Plastic waste is a major culprit.


Pollutant register vital, govt told

Bangkok Post 07 July 2022

Thailand needs a pollutant release and transfer register (PRTR) law so the public can be well informed about the risk of industrial pollution and the risk of disaster posed by factories, a seminar was told.


Chemical bill needs push

Bangkok Post 06 July 2022 

On Monday, an environmental conservation network submitted a letter to the House of Representatives to resubmit a "Pollutant Release and Transfer Register" (PRTR) bill after it was rejected last year by the cabinet.


Thai Health, Human Rights Commission, commemorate Ming Dih disaster – a painful lesson towards environmental rights

EARTH REPORT  05 July 2022

Thai Health Promotion Foundation and the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand held a commemorative seminar on the one-year anniversary of the Ming Dih factory fire in Samut Prakan. 


One year Ming Dih factory fire - time to for Thailand to have PRTR law

EARTH REPORT 05 July 2022

The image of deadly scarlet flame and dark plumes of smoke billowing in the sky, brings to mind the haunting smell of chemicals and plastic that continuously burned for two days in July 2021.


Groups kick off pollutant database bid

Bangkok Post 05 July 2022

10,000 signatures sought to back law

A civil society network yesterday kicked off a campaign calling for the enactment of a law to create a database management system to help monitor the release and transfer of chemicals or pollutants in the kingdom.


PRTR Law and Citizen Participation Needed to Solve Thailand’s Industrial Pollution

PRESS RELEASE 02 July 2022 

Bangkok/ Prague – EARTH Thailand [1], together with Arnika Association (Czech Republic) [2], call on the Thai parliament and government to accept the upcoming citizen’s draft of the Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) act. 


Illegal dumping of industrial waste still not removed after 7 months

EARTH Report 30 June 2022

EARTH followed up on illegal damping at Tha Kradan, Chachoengsao – industrial waste still not removed after 7 months, liquid waste already infiltrated soi.


Unity needed to fight 'waste colonialism'

Bangkok Post 29 June 2022 | Punyathorn Jeungsmarn

In many areas countrywide, imported waste releases dangerous toxic chemicals, including Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) or "forever chemicals" -- so called because of their ability to remain in an environment and organisms for a long time.