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Finally, a win for villagers

Bangkok Post 26 December 2020

After years of fighting for environmental justice, the efforts of Ratchaburi villagers who suffered contamination from a waste recycling firm have finally paid off. The Civil Court on Thursday handed down a landmark verdict in their favour, ordering the firm to pay millions of baht in compensation.


Locals secure victory over plastics firm

Bangkok Post 25 December 2020

Company to restore damaged areas

Residents of a village in tambon Nam Phu of Ratchaburi's Muang district have won a court battle with a plastic recycling company that was found to have polluted the local environment which negatively impacted their health.


Citizen Science Vital for Protecting Community Health from Chemicals and Wastes

Press Release | 26 November 2020

Bali, Indonesia/Bangkok, Thailand/Manila, Philippines.  Experts from various fields and institutions cited the tremendous potentials of citizen science for advancing public participation in research efforts that can generate data, which can increase the negotiation power of communities facing chemical and waste pollution.


Efforts to Clear the “World’s Trash Bin”: Hazardous Waste Challenges in Thailand and beyond

Bangkok Tribune 18 November 2020 | Mali Hom-ngern  

In spite of the fact that Thailand is gearing towards the next era of its industrial development, with the Thailand 4.0 policy being promoted as the flagship, its hazardous waste management is said to have stood still at the era of 80s to 90s, resulting in a number of hurdles in hazardous waste management that can barely keep up with the rising challenges at the moment, the Dialogue Forum 7 was told.


Citizen science new tool to empower vulnerable communities

Manila Bulletin 04 November 2020 | Ellalyn De Vera-Ruiz

Environment advocates are making use of citizen science as a unique opportunity for vulnerable communities to empower themselves with data and information amid the threats of chemical wastes to health and environment.

“Through the years, citizen science has developed into a practical and potent tool for helpless victims who often suffer in silence from the destructive pollution caused by powerful commercial and industrial interests,” Penchom Saetang, EARTH executive director and a citizen science practitioner for over 20 years, said in a statement.


Online Regional Conference Touts Citizen Science as a People’s Tool for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

PRESS RELEASE: 4 November 2020 | Bali/Bangkok/Manila

The International Pollutants Elimination Network-Southeast and East Asia (IPEN-SEA) Virtual Conference that is taking place amid the COVID-19 pandemic is co-organized by Nexus3 Foundation-Indonesia, EcoWaste Coalition-Philippines and the Ecological Alert and Recovery-Thailand with support from the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and IPEN.


Effecting change through citizen science

Sun Star 03 November 2020 | Manny Calonzo  ECOWASTE COALITION

THE role of citizen science in preventing and reducing pollution and in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as adopted in 2015 by the world's governments, including the Philippines, will be at the heart of a four-part online regional conference starting today.


Waste not, want not

Bangkok Post 26 October 2020 | Suwitcha Chaiyong

Activists seek a total ban on Thailand's practice of importing foreign trash

Thailand has become one of the world's largest garbage dumps after China banned waste imports, including electronics and plastics, from foreign countries in 2017. As a result, waste from many countries that was originally shipped to China is now being redirected to countries in Southeast Asia where strict environmental laws are not enforced.


Call for ban on processing scrap metal with WEEE 7 October 2020 | James Langley

The WEEE Forum has called for competent authorities to prohibit the practice of purchasing and processing metal scrap that contains waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

The Brussels-based association says metal scrap containing WEEE must be treated and processed by facilities that are officially permitted or certified to do so.


Thailand Passes Strict Ban on the Importation of Electronic Waste

PRESS RELEASE: 06 October 2020

Strict Enforcement and Similar Actions by other Countries Called For

Bangkok, Thailand and Seattle, WA, USA | Following repeated revelations of the dumping of electronic wastes, from countries such as the US, Japan, and Australia, the Thai government has finally passed a full prohibition on the import of such hazardous wastes into Thailand.