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Online Regional Conference Touts Citizen Science as a People’s Tool for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

PRESS RELEASE: 4 November 2020 | Bali/Bangkok/Manila

The International Pollutants Elimination Network-Southeast and East Asia (IPEN-SEA) Virtual Conference that is taking place amid the COVID-19 pandemic is co-organized by Nexus3 Foundation-Indonesia, EcoWaste Coalition-Philippines and the Ecological Alert and Recovery-Thailand with support from the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and IPEN.


Effecting change through citizen science

Sun Star 03 November 2020 | Manny Calonzo  ECOWASTE COALITION

THE role of citizen science in preventing and reducing pollution and in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as adopted in 2015 by the world's governments, including the Philippines, will be at the heart of a four-part online regional conference starting today.


Waste not, want not

Bangkok Post 26 October 2020 | Suwitcha Chaiyong

Activists seek a total ban on Thailand's practice of importing foreign trash

Thailand has become one of the world's largest garbage dumps after China banned waste imports, including electronics and plastics, from foreign countries in 2017. As a result, waste from many countries that was originally shipped to China is now being redirected to countries in Southeast Asia where strict environmental laws are not enforced.


Call for ban on processing scrap metal with WEEE 7 October 2020 | James Langley

The WEEE Forum has called for competent authorities to prohibit the practice of purchasing and processing metal scrap that contains waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

The Brussels-based association says metal scrap containing WEEE must be treated and processed by facilities that are officially permitted or certified to do so.


Thailand Passes Strict Ban on the Importation of Electronic Waste

PRESS RELEASE: 06 October 2020

Strict Enforcement and Similar Actions by other Countries Called For

Bangkok, Thailand and Seattle, WA, USA | Following repeated revelations of the dumping of electronic wastes, from countries such as the US, Japan, and Australia, the Thai government has finally passed a full prohibition on the import of such hazardous wastes into Thailand.


Public urged to take big polluters to task

Bangkok Post 26 September 2020

People should help collect evidence as part of the attempt to bring big polluters in industries to justice, a forum was told.

Penchom Saetang, the director of Ecological Alert and Recovery Thailand (Earth), addressed three patterns of exploitation by developed countries: investing in toxic industries elsewhere, including Thailand, concealing data on pollution, and exporting waste to developing countries.


Improper processing of electronic waste leads to damage to human health, the environment and the Earth's ozone layer

Press release 16 September 2020

BANGKOK/PRAGUE – Thailand is still one of the destination countries for e-waste from all around the world. To what extent this is the case, that is one of the questions that the joint project of the Thai non-governmental organization EARTH and the Czech civic association Arnika is trying to answer.


Plastic waste still an issue

Bangkok Post 12 September 2020 | Editorial

When it comes to policy on waste management and recycling, the Prayut Chan-o-cha administration is generally deemed to be progressive. The Natural Resources and Environment Ministry in 2018 made a landmark decision to slap a ban on the importation of plastics and electronic waste which is to take effect on Jan 1 next year. Previously, the ministry jump-started a voluntary campaign to ban single-use plastic bags in department stores and retailers nationwide. Within one month of the restriction beginning, over 3.7 billion less one-time use plastic bag were used nationally.


PCD chief says plastic import ban could be delayed

Bangkok Post 12 September 2020 | Apinya Wipatayotin

The Pollution Control Department (PCD) has hinted it could postpone the ban on the import of plastic waste for recycling, with its chief saying the domestic supply of plastic waste is not enough to feed the kingdom's industrial needs.


65 Organizations Calling for Banning the Imports of Plastic Wastes

10 September 2020 | EARTH Team at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

The statement and recommendations endorsed by 65 organizations, including academics, and individuals, has been submitted to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment this morning.

Groups of representatives who are affected by the waste disposal industry have also gathered and presented their concerns outside the Ministry, calling for banning the imports of plastic wastes and proposing 8 key demands to the government.